Media, Documents, History Purged from Internet

MAJOR NEWS: 19 Apr, 2021!
- Clay Space Accused of Fraud in Lawsuit!

Back to Earth, the transmedia blockchain project that raised 750 BTC in 2017 with a public token sale, technically no longer exists.

To the casual observer, BTE maintains the appearance of viability. Less than two weeks ago they were "just starting to get some headway with new meetings", and there is an auction for "exclusive footage" underway since January 2020.

In reality, the business entity known as Back to Earth Productions, LLC was officially dissolved in early 2020, and its parent company Blockspace Media, LLC filed articles of dissolution 6 weeks later.

It is no longer possible to play Back to Earth's impressive web-based mystery game on, shop at the online merch store, read the original whitepaper and announcements, join the group chat on Telegram, or even send an email to the team.

Most troubling, though, is the fact that none of the fans and backers who funded the project by purchasing StarCredits tokens three years ago have been informed of these major events. Instead, hundreds of fans and followers still in the official Telegram group and following @_backtoearth on Twitter have been led to believe Back to Earth continues to pursue its stated goals and vision.

Back to Earth: The Hidden Timeline


Popular crypto exchange Cryptopia, the only $STRC trading market, announces StarCredits will be delisted on Nov 9, 2018. Reference


Discovery of missing whitepaper on official Back to Earth website, while researching Cryptopia delisting announcement to identify possible causes and potential redemies. Reference 1, Reference 2


First discovery of expired SSL certificate on Reference


A post from @_backtoearth announces a Shopify web store selling coffee mugs with Back to Earth branding. Reference


A rewrite of the Back to Earth/StarCredits whitepaper is published, more than 1.5 years after the token sale. The new version redefines major goals and promises from the original publication and declares Clay Space "the sole owner of Back to Earth Productions and Blockspace Media, the owner of all Back to Earth IP" under the new "Team" section. No additional individuals are mentioned. The new document claims to include a copy of the original white paper, but it is not an exact match. Reference


All content deleted from and, where official project updates and announcement had been published. Reference


Last known archive of BTE "interactive experience" content on website. The website was deleted sometime after this date and before Apr 20, 2020. Reference


SSL certificate for expires, effectively blocking access to the website content. Reference


BTE founder Clay Space registers PEW PEW POW, LLC with Nevada Secretary of State. Reference


BTE announces an "auction" for a "TIME VAULT" collectible. Bids can only be placed by sending STRC or GTKT tokens to a specific ETH address and subsequently emailing to claim your bid. The auction ends May 13, 2020. Reference


The ETH address for the auction receives two token transfers from a single wallet totaling 11 STRC. As of May 6, 2020, there are no additional bids. Reference


Back to Earth, LLC officially dissolved. Reference


A link to the BTE Shopify store is mentioned in the public Back to Earth chat group on Telelgram; no other references to the online store exist in the chat history. Reference


Blockspace Media, LLC officially dissolved. Reference


Discovery of deletion of all email accounts from Google Mail. The mailboxes were functional on 2020-04-01. Reference 1, Reference 2


Discovery of deleted BTE content from official Medium blog. All announcements and articles related to Back to Earth were wiped from the blog sometime between Feb 26, 2020 and Apr 20, 2020. Reference

The following archived content was found:


Discovery of content removal from all Back to Earth websites.


Some static content on website is restored, omitting blog/news section. The SSL certificate is still expired, making the site content inaccessible to visitors and web crawlers.


An update is posted in the Telegram chat group about the approaching end date of the auction from January, instructing participants to communicate through Twitter or Telegram only. The email contact is not mentioned. Reference


An announcement in the official group chat states the project was "starting to get some headway" but the COVID-19 pandemic "is going to" prevent the project from succeeding; "it's really bad". Reference

Note: Economic activity in the United States was largely unaffected prior to Mar 13, 2020 when President Trump declared a national emergency.

The Back to Earth saga certainly has many more layers. We are monitoring the situation and will publish new details and discoveries in follow-up articles.

If you are in possession of archives or logs from Telegram or other chats, copies or screenshots of deleted project content, relevant Twitter archives, or anything else that you would like to contribute to this story, reach us at @cointhoughts_ or try the public chat group.