but that place is so so very very far away from pretty much everything everywhere that no one really pays attention to whatever wacky bollocks they have going on.

turns out the down-under nation, still widely considered a western democracy, is totally fucked. australian residents were more-or-less "free" 9 months ago. since March, however, basic freedoms and rights are long gone. much of australia's population have been living under actual totalitarian rule for nearly all of 2020. and it's only mid-october.

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skim over the text of the letter dude is reading in that video. seriously real quick take a peek.

the rest of humanity doesn't even know this is actually real.

but, like, about time, right? they've been gradually paving the boulevard to this ayn rand dystopia for decades. yeeaaah buddy, that apocalyptic pandemic fear was all it took put the whole thing into action overnight.

today's melbourne nightmare was inevitable at least since this happened in 2018:

yeah... so. buy another box of ammo.