UPDATED: 28 Sept 2020!
- official BTE statements and my analysis thereof have been added
MAJOR NEWS: 19 Apr, 2021!
- Clay Space Accused of Fraud in Lawsuit!

Despite documented – and uncontested – failure to deliver what he promised, Clay Space has declared "Back to Earth" a rare success in the crypto world.

His 2017 ICO raised $1.7 million on a written promise to create the world's first blockchain-integrated entertainment experience. Interviews and news articles were published far and wide quoting Space describing the importance of his token-powered entertainment creation.

Back to Earth eventually produced a mysterious web-based puzzle and a short film written by - and starring - Clay Space, with no blockchain integration of any kind. Fans who funded the project by purchasing StarCredits tokens were furious, but eventually they lost interest and Space silently dissolved the Back to Earth business entities and deleted the entire online history of his failed endeavor, including the original white paper and every official project announcement.

Clay Space is claiming Back to Earth "actually built what we said we would." My previous reports describe the failings in detail, but anyone can look at the project white paper to confirm Space's latest announcement is an outright lie. There is even a page on the remaining BTE website that survived the whitewash! (archived)

However, Space certainly delivered what he seemingly wanted from his pet project, and perhaps in the absence of original project records and documents – because he deleted them – he appears to think the history of Back to Earth can be rewritten and transformed into an impressive personal accomplishment. Here's the basic process, largely unchanged since the beginning of time:

  1. Erase or destroy enough historic evidence to establish uncertainty around past events
  2. Authoritatively announce your preferred narrative as absolute truth. Do this at high volume in front of the largest audience you can find.
  3. Repeat Step 2 until your narrative appears in publications and normal public conversation
  4. Profit...?

The whitewashing bad enough, but actually altering the truth is a process virtually unimaginable to humans with even the faintest sense of morality, which is at least most of a given population. It is this human condition that also causes instinctive rejection of the possibility that a an actual living person is, in fact, wholly amoral and effectively evil. And that is why entire societies are naturally vulnerable to manipulation by a bad actor capable of any conceivable behavior that gives them advantage or power or money or pleasure. Just ask your favorite fascist dictator, totalitarian regime, or Nancy Pelosi! This stuff works as well today as it has since the dawn of time.

But... why? Looking for any and all theories to explain Clay's decision to make this kind of false claim in public. Comment below with Telegram.


The official BTE twitter feed ended a five-month streak of silence with the following statement presumably authored by founder Clayton Space:

The language is vague and, I can only assume, intentionally unclear. I suspect the author's goal is that most of his audience believes Space recently completed the alleged negotiation process suddenly announced (without evidence or verification) during his previous PR crisis in May of this year.

I remain unconvinced. Most importantly, I have yet to identify verifiable evidence that any party other than Clay Space will benefit in the event Space's mystery buyer pays him and takes ownership of a generic screenplay belonging to... Clay Space. But that is already well-established. Back to the new development here: