We have a global warming problem, but it isn't the one you think. The biggest danger facing us today over the environmental impact of humans is that, if you agree with the premise but not the solution, you must not agree with the premise. That's right, we're being taken down by the faulty logic of group think.

Take, for example, the Fourth National Climate Assessment. If you love our planet and are a good person, chances are you will believe every page of the assessment because it follows the narrative: humans are killing the planet and we must do certain things about it  It is imperative the government increase spending to do these certain things now.

Our irrationality is being exploited for money, which is no surprise. Consider the following: we all agree politicians are corrupt, yet when they ask for tax dollars to combat climate change we nearly rip the fold in our wallet because we can't get money out of it fast enough.

Here is another irrationality that is being exploited. Scientists do research to discover new facts, but scientists need funds to do that research.  We all know people will say anything for money, yet when scientists are paid by politicians to say something, we unquestionably believe they are telling the truth.  

The most successful exploitation of our irrationality is: politicians are corrupt, but not the politicians I support.

It is logical to assume this can be proven false, because it can, but it is irrational to think doing so would convince anyone to change their position; I can feel it in my heart that my politician is the one on the side of right. The only way forward is to accede - work with the idea that their politician has a heart of gold.

Let's assume the politician who supports these measures is genuine.

Is this politician also a climatologist? No, but her husband is. Does her husband compile all the research data that is used to formulate theories? No, but his son does. Does his son gather all the information that is compiled into usable data?No, but his best friend does. Does the best friend set up all the equipment to gather the information? No, but his sister does. Does his sister calibrate all the equipment that she sets up to gather information? No but her research partner does. Does her research partner make the equipment that he calibrates? OK, now I'm just being obtuse.

Someone along the way is making money by exploiting our fear of global warming and our assumption that all changes are bad. So before you write off your co-worker as a cuckoo conspiracy theorist, consider the following:

Combating climate change costs money. The worse the climate gets, the more money it will cost.  That money is paid to companies who will combat climate change. Those companies will hire more scientists and workers to invent and implement new measures to combat climate change. Those measures will require materials and machinery. Someone will have to mine the materials and build the machinery. The machines will be housed in a factory. That factory will have to be built on land. That land will have to be purchased or leased....etc.

Does that sound like a failing economy or a economic boom?

Just for a moment, as a thought experiment, tune out your heart and your gut and listen to your head: our national debt is alarmingly high. When the government combats climate change, it takes your tax dollars and pays it out to a thriving industry that will only grow and become more profitable the worse the climate becomes.

Now ask yourself, does the co-worker who disagrees with more government spending hate our planet, or are you being used by corrupt politicians? If we look at history, whenever there are social consequences to having a differing opinion, that different opinion is inevitably on the side of right.  Don't be a pawn, be your own person.