Ladies and gentlemen and neckbeards of the blockchain community, I give you Our Savior:

See what she did there, right in the beginning? She performed an actual miracle while being taped in front of a live audience, and we needed it. Diana deftly explained a fundamental cryptocurrency function to normies AND planted a critical seed of understanding how a thing that arguably does not even exist can become a store of value and play a significant role in global commerce.

I shit you not, my actual parents stopped asking me what bitcoin is and why anyone cares to pay for it since I tricked them into watching this talk even though it has the word “blockchain” in the video title (sedatives and browser settings trickery ftw). They re-watched it three times and then added Biggs to their Christmas card recipient list (sorry in advance, Diana).

Later I showed Diana’s blockchain talk to the neighbor kid and he’s already killing it on the shit-token markets with Intermediate trade setups that I didn’t even know were possible. And he just turned seven last week and I’m talking bouncy-castle-and-fat-kids-puking-up-cake-and-Pepsi seventh birthday party (yes I barfed in the bouncy castle). Then, last Tuesday, I stepped away from my laptop for a few minutes and returned to find my dog, who is surely below average dog-intelligence, listening to Diana’s talk with his head tilted and ears perked and not even drooling or panting. He’s 10 and has not lived one full minute of the past decade without panting and drooling on stuff I own. This morning I received an email from Kraken support staff apologizing to my retriever about the delay in clearing him for Tier 2 verification. I looked at him and he was staring at a wall drooling on my shoe, then I looked at my shitcoin bags on Poloniex and they were all in the red so I ragedumped everything PERFECT TRADE!.

Before Diana’s presentation was filmed and uploaded to YouTube, we in the bitcoin and crypto space were consistently failing at explaining anything about blockchain tech when questioned by friends, family, co-workers, and 900-number phone sex operators. We only made things worse and tons of us have become mega outcasts at work and abandoned by IRL friends because we sound like condescending assholes when we try to describe how amazing blockchain is and why it's the only thing that matters and how superior we are for buying drugs with it in 2013 when it was like ten bucks a coin or something.

Unable to communicate with the general public about such meaningful technology, we stopped answering the questions and embraced our new identities. We quit our jobs and allowed our neckbeards to flourish, only trimming the hair on our faces when it really interfered with eating. We befriended dozens of characters on Twitter with the word “crypto” in their names who may or may not be actual humans (or just one twisted human with nothing better to do), and they taught us lingo like "hodl" and "normie" and "pamp". We realized we are superior and normies are ignorant and... you know what it’s probably time to buy more ETH because bitcoin is slow and old and not Turing-Complete and ether is only like $500 and it’s totally fine there are 99 million in circulation and infinite total supply because it’s amazing and super undervalued all the time.

I am sincerely grateful this video now exists and begins with an effective answer to some questions frequently asked by just about everyone outside my tiny community of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. And yes, send a link to Diana’s presentation to your parents or friends or acquaintances the next time they ask you about the technology. But we should also study Diana’s appproach until we, too, can field questions from normies in real-world, face-to-face interactions (barf). After all, what does it say about us that we struggle to explain the basics of the very thing with which we have become so blindly embroiled? And if you are suddenly in possession of significant wealth you did not have six months ago it is probably a good idea to be damn sure you can explain the basics of your source of wealth at least as effectively as Ms. Biggs.

Now stop being an asshole and go buy Worldcoin ffs.