Snowflakes exist in a vivid and contentious reality bubble derived from a lifetime of participation trophies, helicopter parenting, and constant subjection to heart-breaking emotional and developmental abuse denied the freedom to make mistakes and learn from his own failures. It is an existence fraught with angst and irrational interpretation of sensory input to filter out everything that could challenge the Snowflake perspective and lead to critical thinking. This is why Snowflakes flock to Bernie Sanders and lack basic employment skills.

This flow chart can help you understand how Snowflakes cope with – and ultimately discard – information , emotion, actual things observed with the naked eye that doesn't align with their specific version of reality. They have to do this because any change to that reality means they had been mistaken; they were wrong. And it is legitimately terrifying because they don't know how to be wrong or broaden their perspective.

Snowflake existence is confusing, emotional, predominantly angry, and bubble-wrapped in fear. If they weren't so shitty about it all the time we might be more sympathetic to their plight.

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