Cascade Of Consequences
“They have pushed their agenda too far and too fast...”
“There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.”– George Orwell 1984

What if I told you that everything you see and hear on the mainstream media is a lie?  And that the biggest and most "important" stories you see and hear are the biggest lies.  And that the truth is protected by layers of psychological barbed wire to prevent you from stumbling into it.  And that the science of mind control and mass psychosis are very well developed and are not kooky theories but rather so mainstream you would be hard-pressed to find an area in which they do not merely operate but dominate.  And that the methods work so well that you will find yourself pitted against a veritable army of zombies if you make any serious effort to go against them and insist on telling the truth rather than capitulating to the lies.

Do you have an emotional response to words and ideas?  Instead of having an intellectual curiosity, do you defend your emotional response and attack the person expressing ideas that trigger that response instead?

What if there are true notions that you have been conditioned by society to reject as evil?  How would you know whether or not they were true if all you were capable of doing was reacting and not considering the underlying data, logic, or rationale or giving them the benefit of the doubt?  You do know that emotion shuts down the logic center of your brain.  You do know that fear and anger are the strongest emotions.  Have you ever exploded in anger and noticed that the words streaming out of your mouth didn't even make grammatical sense?  You do know that if you can be triggered to fear or anger that the person triggering you has total control over your mind, your opinions, your beliefs, and therefore your actions.

How does censorship work?  You are told that what you believe is the truth, and as evidence of that truth, all contrary opinions are disappeared and all holders of prohibited opinions are de-personed.  Therefore what you believe is right since there is no evidence (available) to the contrary and since all who believe otherwise are evil.

Do you know the truth about Big Pharma?  How do you know that you know the truth?  Are the statistics censored?  Who funds the clinical studies; independent scientific organizations or Big Pharma themselves?  Are doctors and scientists who disobey the dominant narrative punished and de-platformed?  Shouldn't this tell you something?  Are power and authority the basis for facts?  Is open debate allowed?  Does "trust the science" mean what they think it means, or does it mean "shut up and submit to our authority?"

Do you know the truth about average statistical IQ scores across the regions and nations of the planet?  Have you ever bothered to look them up?  Do you know the truth about crime statistics and race?  (Now you're feeling nervous, aren't you?  That's a sign.)  If you saw the FBI statistics that list 26.6% of total arrests, 51.2% of murders, and 52.7% of robberies being committed by a racial component consisting of 13% of the population, would you think that those crimes were the result of racist policies? Do you think that anybody who believes that the statistics are an accurate predictor of average over-all criminality among races is a racist?  Why is black culture being influenced to embrace "thug life?"  Does criminality have anything to do with our DNA?  Or is it a cultural phenomenon?  Who benefits from the breakdown of the black family unit?  Who is getting rich marketing criminality and social dysfunction in various forms including gangster rap and drugs and sexual immorality and prison culture and hating the police and hating other races to black people?  And who is consistently retaining safe congressional seats and mayoral offices for generations while presiding over majority-black cities and regions and perpetuating the same policies that destroy those communities and keep their constituency poor and dependent on government and stuck in the revolving door of the justice system?

Do you know any really smart black people?  I do.  Do you know any really dumb white people?  I do.  Are all Koreans smarter than all white people?  Nope, but on the broad average, yes, statistically they are.  Does that mean statistics are irrelevant, does it mean they are dispositive, or is every person a unique individual with limitless potential and their own strengths and weaknesses and deserving of the individual rights and the same respect afforded all of humanity?

Have you ever been disrespected or attacked for your race?  Sucks, doesn't it?  Black people are not the only ones who suffer racism.  Racism against whites, though, is accepted, endorsed, and encouraged by today's society.  Why?  Because two wrongs make a right?  No.  It's because there is a conscious and deliberate effort to create racial division and disharmony and to break down America and to attack its very foundations.  If we can blame and shame people for crimes they haven't even committed and elevate a "victim" class for harms they haven't even suffered, then the ruling class enjoys the resulting power they aggregate to themselves as they promise to provide Big Government solutions to fix these problems they're pushing on us.

It's a Communist takeover of the United States and a burgeoning totalitarian Marxist regime that is right now stripping us of our freedom and making us slaves.  Class struggle and cultural destruction is how Communism has always worked.  See Cultural Marxism and the Frankfort School.  They've just changed some of the words around to use race instead of class, because America is one of the most free nations on the planet where if you work hard you can achieve almost anything.  The class arguments don't work on us Americans.  But we fall for the race arguments all day every day.  Why?  Because they (the elites) are creating and perpetuating the racial divide so they can throw it in our faces and blame us and make us feel guilty about it.  It's a game.  It's a trap.  They're achieving massive success at it by exploiting our innate desire to be "good" people and to hate "evil" people.  As long as we continue to unthinkingly let them set the narrative and frame the issues using their focus-group-tested terms, we lose.  We hate one another, and we give them power to "fix" the problem for us by surrendering our freedoms so the authoritarians can crack down and destroy all resistance to their agenda.  Speech, dissent, voting, self defense, family, friendship, community, and any hope of accumulating wealth--these will all be lost if we don't stay together and if we don't push forward with seeking and spreading the truth even if it is forbidden or controversial or labelled "hate speech."

What is the worst thing you can be accused of in today's society?  A pedophile?  Nope.  Those people actually have media campaigns to foster acceptance.  No; I'm talking about the word "racist."  If you see color, you are a racist.  If you don't see color, you are a racist.  How can you atone for your racism?  Why, by becoming an anti-racist, of course.  And the course has been set out before you, conveniently.  You become an anti-racist by embracing Marxism, dummy!

Don't fall for the trick.  Throw off the mind control.  Be free.  Embrace the negative labels they put on you.  Let them lose that power over you.  Pursue truth wherever it leads you.  Get organized, involved in politics and church and community, and protect your family.