When Oregon decriminalized all illicit drugs with Ballot Measure 110, two things came to mind right away:

  1. that's not going to end well
  2. Portland already decriminalized crime in general, so why bother?

Then I stumbled upon this:

Source: CDC 2018 Annual Surveillance Report of Drug-Related Risks and Outcomes


  • 49,457 white Americans killed by illicit drug overdose
  • 14,175 non-white overdose deaths
  • Overdose kills substantially more white people per-capita, which means non-white populations are growing relative to whites
  • White people are bad

Turns out the illicit drug industry in America is systemically race-woke, social-justice-aware, AND leading the fight against whiteness by disproportionately killing white Americans by OD. Just look at those numbers!

Get it? Open the floodgates to any and all street drugs in order to accelerate the move toward racial justice.

Can you say Woke Genocide?