Josh Garza glamor shotJosh Garza, Paycoin Conman

Aaaaaand he’s guilty. For all the scams and lies and absurd promises and outrageous claims. Josh Garza, the jackass behind Paycoin and the hilarious GAW Miners ponzi of 2014, is pleading guilty to federal charges and faces up to 20 years in the slammer. If this is a long-forgotten story you can revisit previous posts here and here for a refresher.

Basically dude sold non-existent cloud mining packages and then made a shitcoin (Paycoin) and topped it off with various impossible promises and ridiculous claims. The whole thing imploded and he disappeared. The real question is: Why the hell didn’t he flee to China with BigVern?

Here’s the Dept. of Justice (release):

Josh Garza Guilty Federal PrisonGarza pleads guilty to fraud and crimes causing $9m USD losses from crypto currency scheme. -DOJ