20 year shake-out + global pandemic -> The Perfect Pump

Two decades of accumulation, textbook pre-ann insider buys, masterful chart-painting, and 5G-shielding pandemic masks. This pump has it all, and despite gaining 70,000% (700x for CT readers) it looks to me like it has hardly even begun!

Altcoin pumpers of ye olde markets (2013-2015ish) pay close attention, because this might be one for the ages.

I have identified what appears to be a perfectly executed pump underway on the US stock market. And all I can think about now is Cryptsy and Mintpal and Coins-E and all the other janky exchanges where literally every shitcoin was guaranteed to rocket up 5000% (or more) in a short-lived pump-and-dump at least once and probably many times over. I managed to lose money each and every time I traded a pump, but it was near-daily excitement and literal fortunes were made and lost continuously.

So we are not talking about one of these boring modern shitcoin pumps where it peaks at 3x and drops back while crypto OGs cry a little inside for the heyday of yore. This appears to be a perfectly executed mega whale exit pump unlike anything we have seen in the history of crypto trading.

Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc (KNOS) went belly-up in the dotcom crash. But it was put on life support and wheeled away on a gurney to the penny stock basement. For two fucking decades, which makes no sense whatsoever based on their consistent losses.

Until it woke up in February, 2020.

KNOS market 2000-2020

KNOS reached an ATH of $6.875 before free-falling all the way to $0.0001 where it rested – give or take a few hundredths of a penny – indefinitely. The company reports negative earnings year after year, and is objectively worth less than $0 to this day. There were surely some hefty bags after a fall like that, and it looks to me like the whales holding them bags are near god-like compared with the altcoin whales and makers painting charts and pumping dying altcoin markets a few times a week just 5 years ago.

Indeed, KNOS whales/makers/baggers or wtfever Wall Street geezers call them – they are a different species altogether; disciplined, evolved. We can't know if they were waiting for a miracle or simply seized an opportunity instead of their original exit plan, but the pandemic is clearly their ticket to the moon. I'll let the charts explain the rest, but the pump was underway well before the company's first press release in... long enough to round up to forever, and the headline was innocent enough and more or less normal PR:


But as each announcement pushed the market higher the press releases quickly degraded and just a few weeks later they sound like a hype-driven ERC-20 ICO. The actual most recent press release from Kronos Advanced Technologies is:


And just like many of the blatant cash-grabs in the crypto world, KNOS reached a new high upon release of that announcement. Today the stock is up more than 70,000% this year. That's excellent, right? Dump it! Take profit!!1

Sure, take some profit, but I am convinced this pump is just getting started. If throwing away countless literal fortunes on shitcoin market speculation since 2013 taught me anything, it is this: No trader capable of holding colossal bags of comprehensive dotcom failure and actively maintaining its entire market by accumulating virtually all the shares for 20 damn years simply cashes out for a measly 700x. Fuck no.

These aren't simple bagholders, not like we have in crypto. These are highly evolved beasts who spent literally 25% of their lives actively holding bags, shaking out every last shareholder by ensuring the corporation was beyond worthless, then deftly executing a magnificent pump of sheer perfection! They lived bagholder lyfe since before many of you dweebs were even conceived.

Because I am a proper geezer from last century, I remember the dotcom era vividly and let me tell you I have no doubt that the whales orchestrating this masterpiece of market manipulation certainly added significant weight to their bags at or near ATH.

This pump is designed to meet or exceed the 20 year-old ATH ($6.785), which all but ensures they will keep ramping up the announcements and painting the charts with glorious volume until the stock reaches at least $1... my shitcoin instinct tells me $4 is awfully realistic.

But this is not a 2015 altcoin pump-and-dump on Cryptsy, and these are not normal market makers... Fuck it I am holding out for $10!

KNOS closed today at just over $0.20.

And in case you're wondering why I know anything about anything that isn't Worldcoin or ragedumping cryptos... I bought 55,000 shares of KNOS for about $15 in 2008 because I wanted to own a penny stock so I literally picked one at random. Then I forgot it existed for over a decade until after the pump started. And that was by random chance, not because I intentionally checked the market or suddenly remembered that dumb penny stock I blew $15 on in my twenties. Honestly I shouldn't know that this ever happened until well after the bagholders are in prison and the company is dissolved.

Here's what my $15 looks like today:

And now I respectfully call upon my fellow OGs and 27ers to explain what I missed or got wrong and ideally assure me that I will take a loss on this 12 year old trade.

Thanks for reading, and absolutely do not even consider risking anything of value on any market based on something I wrote. You will get rekt.

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