This amazing nugget of brilliance surfaced before my eyes from the depths of vast irrelevance we call The Internet. Please review:

the best concept for the worst movie you're going to love to hate

So Trump orders a substantial amount of the Pfizer vaccine, but turned down Pfizer's offer to purchase a second batch. The first 44,000 vaccines will be sent to military bases around the county. The military wlll do the final purity check before distribution. Think the white hats don't have the doctors they want in there to do the testing? The military gets the evidence, and has proof of an attempt to kill US soldiers and citizens. The scientists can now be considered enemy combatants at this point. A mass round-up of all pharma sctentists, the FDA, and anyone involved in the plot will occur. Treason at the highest levels. All collaborators will be under military Jurisdiction. Tribunals and executions to follow. White hats have put together a plan. Quantum computing allows the white hats to peer into the future so they already know what moves they need to make to reach checkmate. It would be impossible for them to lose, because all future probabilities and results have been taken into account. Game over. How long ago did the head of Pfizer dump a bunch of shares in his own company? Does he know he needs a bunch of lawyers to save his life? We have it all. Well played Mr. President. Let the popcorn flow. #GodBlessAmerica

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Yeah. By all means, take a moment to process it.