Peruse the text of their own operations manual (only one trivial such manual and certainly out of date):

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Original Document Copy : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars: According to this leaked manual,during the 1950’s, the Third World War began as a Quiet War with Silent Weapons killing...

They have made great progress and advances since the publication of that manual. In fact it may even seem tame by today's standards. Now we see the globalist agenda in full bloom and no longer cloaking itself but openly boasting that "you will own nothing, and you'll be happy."

We are indeed at war.

But you might say, "Okay, but a war typically involves a regime change, not just population reduction."  And you'd be right.   The purposes for most wars are typically to eliminate a strategic rival, expansion of hegemony, to kill a holder of debt, or otherwise give the aggressor nation some ultimate monetary advantage. See "All Wars are Bankers Wars."  But didn't we experience a regime change?  Oh, but you say "No; the state was not overthrown.  We still have the same government infrastructure, the same Constitution, the same people in Congress, etc."  But isn't our nation predicated on the consent of the governed?  Isn't it a democratic republic?  If our votes were stolen, then our form of government was stolen with them.  And how do we know that the ostensible majority in Congress is not similarly illegitimate?  I would have to say that the probability for this being the case is extremely high to approaching 100% certainty.  This was a coup.  It was a regime change, with all that implies.  We are now under an illegitimate and false government propped up by a propaganda industry whose job it is to make you not look behind the curtain.

As further evidence of that coup, I direct your attention to the current anti-insurgency campaign that is taking place (like George W's purge of Iraq's Ba'ath Party, only this time on American soil and this time of patriotic Americans). The military, from day one of this new administration, was sent to re-education and is being purged of conservatives under the guise of "anti-extremism."  

Trump voters are being criminalized, surveilled, marginalized, and de-personed while violent Marxist mobs who terrorized the nation and caused billions in damage and untold deaths are given a free pass even by Trump's own Attorney General William Barr.  Social media giants are now in cooperation with the illegitimate white house to report any conservative opinions as "dangerous extremism."  White people ("supremacy") have been named as "most dangerous threat" to the nation.  And the fake racism smear campaign is exposed for the fraud that it is when they go after black conservative voices with the very same weapons and rhetoric.  They are building a database, working with other nations, and engaging with financial institutions to facilitate the removal of your ability to buy and sell if you are found to be in opposition to their plans.

The Social Credit Security State
Our woke ruling class intends to use both private and public enterprise to police and punish hearts and minds.

This is not just a national coup.  This is a global war.  Europe and Israel and Australia, et al, are rapidly shutting down all freedoms under the pretext of pandemic lockdowns and vaccine compliancy for a virus that is of no concern to any healthy or young person and only kills the old, the obese, and the otherwise health-compromised.  The "vaccine," which is not a vaccine but an experimental mRNA therapy that tricks your cells into producing and flooding your body with trillions of toxic spike protein fragments, is ineffective, breeds variants, and is killing more people (especially the unborn, the young, and those in their prime of life) than the disease, which only took out folks who were already likely to die shortly anyway.  And this weak case for panic is using statistics that are propped up by a faulty PCR test that the FDA all but admitted conflates normal flu with Covid.

If the global "pandemic" (a farce, really--it is the media and the governments who fostered panic and destruction and lockdowns, not the virus) was started by a lab-created virus which research was funded by globalists both in the US and elsewhere, and no legitimate government on the planet seems interested in finding the truth or blaming China, it seems we have a serious case here of "follow the money."  It would appear that China's trade surpluses, which it has always accomplished by means of state subsidies, slave or near-slave labor, environmental destruction, currency manipulation, IP theft, etc., were always slated to be used as weapons against the so-called "free world" in a long plan to subjugate the planet under a single system of hegemonic control.

The IMF is already making pre-announcements of how they plan to issue a global digital currency which will envelope every adopter under a totalitarian system of complete control over what each individual is allowed to earn and spend money for and track the flow of that currency throughout the system thus creating the most complete and inescapable total surveillance system ever conceived in history.

Communism was not created by the masses to overthrow the bankers. Communism was created by the bankers to overthrow and enslave the masses.

You never thought this day would come.  Yes, they are already at war with you.  Pretending it's not happening is not an option.