The so-called "bear market" does not exist. A period of downward price movement in a given market is a ruse; a shakeout. Only the weak and frail are vulnerable to such gimmickry.

- Book of Zong

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This content was posted on twitter and is re-published here due to twitter's disgusting, cruel, and totalitarian form of censorship known as "shadowbanning" specifically designed to manipulate visible content within their platform in order to perpetuate a false reality wherein thoughts, ideas, and opinions not aligned with the shared opinions of the corporation's staff are quietly censored. This is preferred by twitter instead of disabling user accounts or otherwise informing users they are not welcome on the platform because the user doesn't know the action has been enforced against them. Instead, they feel like no one cares about their posts anymore, and ultimately they are compelled to quit trying. Need proof? See this and this and this for detailed explanations from actual twitter employees.