November 5, 2020 - There is no turning back from this.

Twitter, Inc., a US corporation controlled by a dozen or so individuals and a handful of global investment firms, have begun the next phase of their plot for world domination.

Twitter is now aggressively and publicly censoring the President of the United States of America. Do you understand this? The most successful nation ever, with 330 million citizens, was founded explicitly upon an absolute guarantee of individual freedom of speech.

And now one corporation – a wholly American enterprise – has dropped trou in front of the entire world and taken an enormous shit on the US Constitution.

Jack Dorsey's Twitter public assault on US constitution, POTUS - 2020
Jack Dorsey: the modern face of tyranny – co-founder, CEO of Twitter, Inc.

Twitter, Inc. has gone full-tyrant. They have declared war on freedom, on America, on humanity. They are seizing control, seizing power, asserting dominance and superiority over the President of the United States, the entire population of America, and the fundamental human rights at the core of modern society.

Be afraid. Be furious. Be ready.

US President Donald Trump's official Twitter feed has an audience of nearly 100 million people. @realDonaldTrump has become the de-facto communication channel between the American people and their elected leader. The President personally posts real, unfiltered updates, thoughts, and important information several times daily, nearly every day of his presidency. Such regular and personal communication by a President to his nation is entirely unprecedented in American history.