MAJOR NEWS: 19 Apr, 2021!
- Clay Space Accused of Fraud in Lawsuit!

BTE's Latest Official Statements

In response to the cointhoughts report detailing the history of unpublicized Back to Earth developments, the project released the following public statement:


Examination of Statements

"The site has been taken down due to lack of user interaction and high maintenance costs." featured an ARG-style puzzle with rich visual effects designed to run entirely within a web browser and only requiring basic web hosting for static content. It was most recently hosted on BTE cites "lack of user interaction", so the site was not handling many requests.

Baesd on my experience and technical qualifications, the $25/mo Heroku plan is more than sufficient for, but considering the expired SSL and lack of traffic we cannot rule out the Free plan.

The site was a finished product when launched. No bug fixes or new features were ever announced. It is unclear what may have caused "high maintenance costs".

"We have since shifted to more localized uses for STRC, like our auction."

This contradicts the central goal and fundamental purpose of Back to Earth, as stated in the whitepaper: "Underpinning the whole production will be an engaging mystery that can only be solved by interacting with our cryptographic token StarCredits." This explicit goal was described in detail by BTE founder Clay Space throughout 2017 in countless news and entertainment articles, published interviews, and the project's public group chat on Telegram.

In fact, Back to Earth did not deliver any token functionality or blockchain integration. Why did the project's founder decide to create content without function?

"Back to Earth is currently going through a transition phase as we attempt to find product-market fit elsewhere. For this reason, Back to Earth LLC was dissolved. Blockspace Media was dissolved."

It sounds like an explanation, but fails to definitively explain anything. It remains unclear why an ongoing business would file articles of dissolution. The action is an explicit declaration of closure.

"This, however, does not mean that development around the project has ceased."

The statement implies there is continued and active development of Back to Earth. Evidence does not support the implication.

"We do have some good news regarding the potential creation of a film, with a writer and financing nearly lined up."

A reversal of BTE project status provided by founder  two weeks earlier - "it's really bad", but that is a minor detail in the big picture.

If a Back to Earth motion picture be produced it will not include blockchain integration using StarCredits ("We have since shifted to more localized uses for STRC, like our auction." - @_backtoearth). With the project's LLCs dissolved, of which founder Clay Space was "sole owner", everything Back to Earth is now the exclusive property of said founder.

STRC has no value without the utility promised by Back to Earth, which abandoned its pursuit of meaningful blockchain-entertainment integration long ago. Mr. Space is an obvious beneficiary of any BTE success, but the project is no longer relevant to backers and holders of STRC tokens. What is his goal?

"As always, you can continue to find Back to Earth content here:"...

The link opens a Telegram channel, which can only display messages from the channel owner. It is not a chat. The channel has a link to the BTE pilot video, a PDF copy of the pilot screenplay, a PDF document outlining an additional film concept, and a PDF document describing a video game. The video game document contains one reference to "a blockchain-based" sticker, but there is no mention of STRC or StarCredits.

... "and follow up on our progress on telegram here: [embedded link]"

The embedded link grants access to the Telegram group chat, which was previously closed to the public. If you are considering joining the group chat to express frustration, anger, or criticism, there is a good chance your comments will be promptly deleted.